Republic of Azarbaijan: A country based on lies

One of our friends broght this link into my attention. Republic of Azarbaijan (former Arran) is the host of upcoming music contest Eurovision 2012. As usual the newly founded Republic of Azarbaijan which suffers from inferiority complex tries to make up a long history for herself. There are so many lie taught in the schools of Baku (former Badkubeh) and people of Azarbaijan dont know they are not Turks and indeed most of them are Iranian descent.

In this link they try to make up history for themselves. There was no mention of Azarbaijan (which they wrongly spell as Azerbaijan to give it a Turkish meaning) to that region and it was called Arran up to the modern time. Arran was always a part of Iran from ancient time and there was no Republic of Azarbaijan before early 20th century.

In the 18th century controversy between Turkey, Russia and Iran adversely affected Azerbaijan. The Turkmanchay Treaty between Russia and Iran in 1828 divided the country in two parts with the southern part consolidated in Iran and northern with Russia.

Arran was NOT dividen between Iran and Russia. Azarbaijan of Iran and Arran (modern Azarbaijan republic) both were parts of Iran and Iran lost Arran to Russia after a series of defeats in war. By this and claiming Azarbaijan whcih is Iran’s ancient province they treaten Iran’s national integrity. If I was a leader of Iran, I would have taking this as invasion to my land and would do proper actions to settle the issue once for all.

Republic of Azarbaijan (wrongly called Azerbaijan) destroys Armenian ancient sites to re-write the history according to their interest

Republic of Azarbaiajna (and Elham Aliev) himself is the world’s capital of Pan Turkism. Panturkism is the very same ideology that led former Ottoman Empire to commit several great crimes such as  Armenian Genocide (death toll: 1-1.5 million innocent Armenian), Greek Genocide (death toll: ~1 million innocent Greeks).

A funny point:

The 20th century turned out to be a 360 degree transformation for the country as oil exploration began on a large with 95% of Russia’s oil extraction depending upon Azerbaijan.

Even a kid knows 360 degree transformation means 0 degree transformation, that is no change!

For more on this please check this great webpage by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh.

جمهوری آذربایجان که میزبان مسابقات سال آتی یوروویژن است در وب سایت مسابقات به دروغ بافی های معمول در مورد تاریخ کشور خود ادامه داده است. اینها با جعل تاریخ اران وانمود می کنند که کشورشان از قدیمی ترین کشورهای دنیاست که در قرون اخیر بین روسیه و ایران تقسیم شده است! در ادامه با استقلال یافتن از شوروی سابق و رونق اقتصاد نفتی شان کشور 360 درجه متحول شده است! جمهوری آذربایجان (اران سابق) پایتخت پان ترکیسم دنیاست.

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10 comments on “Republic of Azarbaijan: A country based on lies

  1. samad says:

    Before putting together such none sense essays which is a heal for the Parsi racists I recommend you to see Naser Pourpirars documentary about your own origin.
    Parsi people could never be successful without the help of Turks. Iran is Turkish and not Parsi. Your Hamshahri or compatriots are Afgans and Tajiks. Look at them and stop comparing yourself with Turks.
    Have fun

    • hessam says:

      First of all, who the hell compared Iranian with Turks?!
      Secondly, everyone knows Pourpirar nonsense. Of course the credibility of your logic is as much as those of Pourpirar. What if I suggest read books by top scholars of the world instead of a paranoid person who did not get into any university.
      Thirdly, we have a same root as Tajiks and Afghans and no shame on it, Mr racist,
      Fourthly, this was an essay regarding Republic of Azarbaijan, why you got pissed off?!

  2. Sabina says:

    This is armenians, which says that they are only and the best ! Yes you are the best TERRORISTS and evrrybody knows that

  3. Zaur Gulamaliyev says:

    Hey hey please what is armenia? This country lives only becous its diaspora! in Armenia little bet more that 2 mil people evryone trying to run away and scream outside that we armenians are patriots)))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. فریبرز says:

    با سلام میخواستم در مورد کشورومردم وفرهنگو ادابورسوم ونحوه مهاجرت به این کشور بدانم وایا پناهندگی نیز قبول میکند با تشکر

    • hessam says:

      فریبرز گرامی. در مورد آداب و رسوم این کشور و راه های مهاجرت به آن من تخصصی ندارم ولی شما می توانید اطلاعات کافی را از فروم مهاجرسرا بیابید و سوالی اگر دارید مطرح کنید

  5. Hi Dr. Kaveh. Thank you very much for this article. I share your opinion on this and I am happy that nowadays more and more people in the world start researching this issue because when Azerbaijan people when they see no one pays attention to their lies they continue their lies and go further and further. They even try to put their hands on northern Iran and a wonderful city of Tabriz, claiming it’s south Azerbaijan (what a nonsense).
    The level of education of commenters of turkish origin and azerbaijanis comes to prove every point highlighted in this article.
    Once again, thank you very much and warm regards from London.

    • hessam says:

      Hi There! I am a friend of Dr. Farrokh and he used to agree with some of my humble blogs.Pan Turks indeed suffer from lack of knowledge and moral values. They are not even doing to the best interest of Turkic people (beside the fact that Republic of Azerbaijna is Turkish just linguistically not historically nor genetically). I appreciate your kind words for Dr. Farrokh, he is such a great person and is hated much by Pan Turks and Pan Arabs. I love Armenians as much as Turks and hope everyone lives in peace.


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