A young entrepreneur

Today, I came across an interesting video/blog by scobleizer. Jessica Mah is a very young founder and developer of  indinero which provide a software to manage and track company’s income and expenditure. She started her business at 13! and running budget was just 500$ and they were fortunate to be recognized and trusted as a young and talented bunch of young people  and received over a million dollars investment for their company.

To me, she is a new model of small business, in which you dont have to be super-big and spend so much to run your business. They even are sharing a rent and live in budget. Another interesting point in her story is that you can start your business earlier in high-school and thanks to organizations or companies such as InternshipIN turn your young-hood energy and time into a profitable start-up. The link between students and companies should be bridged, because beside the financial benefits of a successful business for a young person, he/ she will experience  personal developments such as self-confidence.